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The Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity is a non-governmental organization established in 2004. The goal of the foundation is to provide shelter, education, emotional support and rehabilitation to help orphaned Iraqi children heal from the trauma of loss of their parent/s and other relatives due to political instability, displacement and the occupation of more than five provinces by ISIS. Our long-term goal is to create productive adults who are successful in life. After years of building the organization, adult mentors have harnessed the amazing talent and creativity of children who are overcoming tremendous odds. The focus on creativity is a means to help promote healing by giving orphaned children a creative outlet to release their pain.

Our program is producing talented young artists who are highly capable of achieving international success in the arts, including cinema, theater, visual art and music. Additionally, our program positions young people to become leaders as we have helped some acquire esteemed government positions. The foundation approach to mental health involves psychotherapy coupled with positive reinforcement, rewarding good behavior and redirecting negative behavior into positive activities.

OUR Founder

Hisham Hassan Al Thahabi

Director Hisham Hassan Al Thahabi has been with the Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity since 2007.

He has a Bachelor of Psychology from Al Mustansiriyah University and has received many awards and acknowledgments including:

                          • Awarded the “Best Creative People Award” 2016 with the consensus of jury members of the Oyoun Foundation for Culture and Arts, Baghdad.
                          • Winner of the Arab Hope Makers Award 2017, as part of the initiative launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai.
                          • Called “Iraq’s Mother Teresa” in 2016 by Iraqi activists in Erbil.
                          • Named “Father of the Year” 2015 in Iraq.
                          • Named the “Best humanitarian” in 2015 in the Baghdad Mawazine News Agency’s referendum.
                          • Selected as the “Best humanitarian” for the past seven years (2007- 2014) by the Iraqi Ministry of Culture and the Iraqi Independent Film Center (IIFC) in 2015.
                          • Holder of a Special Education Certificate from the USA in 2014 Head of the Iraqi House of Creativity Foundation.
                          • Chairman of the “Abandoned Children without Parental Care Association”; Iraq 2008 – to date.
                          • Head of a field survey team, Kurdistan Save the Children Organization (Children’s Fund) (KSC-KCF), 2004-2007.
                          • Director of the “Better Tomorrow Program” for Juveniles – 2005 (for 6 months) Psychological consultant for kitabat.com (2011 – to date).

Helping child in Iraq

Since its inception fourteen years ago, the Iraqi Home Foundation has supported more than 170 orphaned children, seeing them through high school and college graduation, adoptions to alternative families or reunions with lost relatives.

Donations to the Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity provide food, shelter, clothing, books, art supplies, instructors and support with communicating with relatives who are unable to care for them.


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