Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity

It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was established in 2004 under the name Safe Home for Homeless Children. It was just a simple project that sheltered a number of homeless children in Baghdad. Over time, the project developed and expanded, and it took care of dozens of orphaned, homeless and lacking family care children. The project was registered as an institution and we obtained the license of community organizations. Civilian in the year (2007).

More than (750) children have graduated from this institution, some of them have been integrated with their families (father, mother, brother) and some with alternative families such as (uncle, uncle, grandfather, anyone in the family can take care of him) in exchange for us taking care of all his needs for a period A year until he settled, and others were employed in state institutions and the private sector, after which he was married and cared for for two years until he reached the stage of self-reliance because he has no one to take care of him. In addition to that, we are currently caring for (75) children directly in our institution and we sponsor (300) Indirect care child by providing all their needs in return for the family that takes care of them to ensure that they do not go out to the street for the purpose of work or beggary and continue to study like their peers. We also care for (445) orphaned girls.

Helping child in Iraq

Since its inception fourteen years ago, the Iraqi Home Foundation has supported more than 170 orphaned children, seeing them through high school and college graduation, adoptions to alternative families or reunions with lost relatives.

Donations to the Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity provide food, shelter, clothing, books, art supplies, instructors and support with communicating with relatives who are unable to care for them.


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System Basis Everything

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